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Our School

About Tai Chi and the Mind Body Shen School

Tai Chi ( or Taiji, short for Taiji Quan or T'ai Chi Ch’uan, meaning “supreme ultimate fist”) is a Chinese martial art practiced for both self defense and health benefits.  Most modern styles of Tai Chi stem from one of five traditional schools:  Chen, Yang, Wu, and Sun.  Mind Body Shen practices the Yang style under the leadership of Grandmaster Derrick Trent.


Tai Chi practice can lead to improved physical and mental well-being. It can be practiced by individuals in any physical condition: young or old, strong or weak.


The Mind Body Shen school teaches short forms, weapons forms, qigong, and push hands.  Students learn about the circulation of qi (or "chi" – life force/energy) through the body meridians and the martial arts applications of the form movements. 

Students have an opportunity to participate in the broader Tai Chi/martial arts community at events such as World Tai Chi Day and the Wong People Kung Fu Tournament.

Our Teachers

Dr. Derrick Trent


Dr. Derrick Trent is the founder of the Mind Body Shen System and the Mind Body Shen International Integrative Wellness.  Dr. Trent is a Grandmaster and holds a 9th level duan/ degree black belt rank with over 40 years of experience.  Dr. Trent is the  Head Tai Chi instructor of MBS, a Qigong therapist, and a Recreational Consultant.  Dr. Trent is certified by the NYC International Federation Division of Training, the Tai Chi International Federation, and the United Warrior Association.  In addition to being a Tai Chi instructor, Grandmaster Trent holds Doctorate Degree in Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Health & Sciences, and an NYS Licensed Acupuncturist

Grand Master
Theodore j Vick

Grand Master Theodore J. Vick is an 8th-degree black belt with over 50 years of martial arts experience and Co-founder of  Mind, Body Shen. 

 Special Achievements
·      Diamond Lifetime contributions/ 50 years
·      Lifetime member of United Warriors Unified Martial Federation
·     AMAA Legend's Award 2020
.     AMAA Magazine Hall of Honors inductee Past & Present Who's               Who Member Directory 2019
·     Action Martial Arts Magazine's Hall of Honors 2009 inductee
·     American Shotokan Appreciation Award 2008
·     Lifetime Appreciation Award Mind Body & Shen 2005 and 2007
·     Tai Ji Hall of Fame certificate of Martial Arts Dedication 2007
·     National Youth Sports Program Appreciation Award 2002

Grand Master
Craig Adams

Grand Master Craig Adams, has over 30 years of training in martial arts and holds a 6th level/Duan black belt ranking in various martial arts, including Chinese Kung Fu and Karate.

Special Achievements

·    Action Martial Arts Magazine's Hall of Honors 2010 Inductee

·    1st Place ranking in various Tournaments

·    Member of the United Warriors Federation of Taiji

·    Worked with ACDP

·    Worked with Derek Jeter Foundation

·    Worked with Pathways for Youth Foundation

Jorge Perez

Kenya Dudley

Master Jorge Perez,  He has been with the school since nine years old and was promoted to Sifu on November, 2007  and received his 4th duan black sash December 2020. After his promotion and upon graduation from Morrisville State College, he became head instructor of the youth department.  Master Perez has participated in various tournaments, events and performances. Master Perez also has a varied background in different martials arts: Tae Kwon Do, Shotokan Karate-Do, Kwon Kido Ryo Judo, and Capoeira.

Special Achievements

·    Action Martial Arts magazine Hall of Honor 2011 inductee

·    United Fellowship of Martial Artist Hall of Fame 2010 inductee

Master Kenya Dudley has over three decades of experience across multiple disciplines. Having earned her black belt in Tae Kwon Do in '91, she trained in MMA, boxing, and kung fu, and accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

  • She has a 4th Duan level/ degree under Mind Body and Shen,

her Taiji influence comes from the guidance of Elder Supreme Grand Master J.B. Lappupet, Dr. Trent, G.m. Theodore Vick, and late G.m Ernest Ramos Sr.

  • A rank of 4th degree in Fung Ye Shie under Sijo Halbert Lee.

  • She has earned numerous accolades, including Grand Champion in Heaven and Earth Tournament.

  • Action Martial Arts Inductee (2009)

She has competed in various tournaments, from karate and kung fu to kata and weapons, and even made history as the first woman to compete in the Men's Push Hands division.


Daughn Thomas

Sifu Daughn Thomas has over 10 years of experience 

  • 2nd level Duan/degree Instructor

  • Instructor for the Silver Sneakers & Adult Tai Chi class in Manhattan.

  • Sifu Thomas is a retired Master Sergeant USAR

  • Professional Dental Hygienist

  • Professor at Eugena Maria Hostos College.

Special Achievements

  • ·Action Martial Arts magazine Hall of Honor 2011 inductee

Jose Escalente

Sifu Jose has been doing Martial Arts for over 16 years with Mind Body and Shen studying under the guidance of Grandmaster Craig Adams and Young Master Jorge Perez,  Sifu experience comes from assisting in the teachings of Tai Chi in the MBS Youth Department and from being an After school program director in Child Care and the development of emotional and logical intelligence. Jose sees himself as both a student and a teacher. He uses the philosophy taught to him by Mind Body and Shen to help better himself not such as a Martial Artist, but also as a human being"


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