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Thanks Master, Craig!

A photo tribute to Master Craig Adams

Riverbank State Park, 2016

Tai Chi on the waterfront

24 Step Form

24 Step, Central Park, 2016

Beginner lessons by the water

Riverbank Park, Harlem

Youth Graduation, 2016

Graduation 2016, Bronx, NY

Youth Graduation 2016

Graduation, Bronx, NY

World Tai Chi Day 2016

Youth Demonstration at St. Nicholas Park

Fan Demonstration

Fan form, World Tai Chi Day 2016, St. Nicholas Park

Mind Body Shen School

Teachers and students of the Mind Body Shen School, 2016

Youth Tai Chi Students

Mind Body Shen student medalists at Wong People's Tournament in Washington DC - June 2013

Push Hands Competition

Sifu Pedro in Pushing Hands Competition, Wong People's Tournament in Washington DC - June 2013

Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration

Youth Wood Block Demonstration

Wood block demo

Youth Tai Chi Demonstration

World Tai Chi Day 2014

Central Park

Mind Body Shen celebrating World Tai Chi Day 2015

Students demonstrate qigong excercises at World Tai Chi Day, St Nicholas Park in Harlem, New York City.

Broadsword Demonstration

World Tai Chi Day, 2012

Grandmaster Derrick Trent demonstrates the broadsword form.

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