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Qi comes in many shapes and sizes

We translate Qi as energy, although incorrect, it is the best analogy we can relate to. when we practice tai chi, we do so to encourage the Qi to move smoothly and free. we understand that stress and stagnation is the foundation of most pain and suffering. it is said that the source of Qi is from birth, food and air. If we eat, breathe, move, and meditate then we can prervent most of our imbalances.

{ Qi enters and exits, its expands and condenses, it supports and warms}

the pictures above depicts all different forms of Qi. each one is important to the whole. the apple nourishes our body, like when we fill up gas for a car. we do Tai Chi movements for our energy not to stagnate, such as in a stiff shoulder, or Tui-na releasing the knots or tight muscles. the acupuncture needles move Qi to where it intends to be depleted or reinforced. no matter, Qi exist all around us. the more we understand and utilize the different forms, the better our balance will be mentally, physically, spiritually.

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