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Inner Smile thank you

When most of us wake up, we usually give some form of acknowledgment, praise, or thanks to whom we believe is the creator of the universe

During holidays, we gave thanks for being around our family and friends.

When someone does something for us, we say thank you

but how many times have we given our body thanks. It works 24/7 without any compensation or gratitude from us. The amount of due stress that we put on our bodies through is unsurmountable. Although we don't think of our body or its inner workings need thanks or kind words, I believe with positive words of encouragement or thanks, the body responds differently, more energetically. have you ever noticed, when the inner is happy, the person can smile. I never observed a sick person, depressed, or even worrisome individuals smile. So the next time you wake up, give thanks to your eyes for opening up and allowing you to see, your digestion for absorbing that junk food you ate last night, and especially your knees and back for carrying you all day long. Imagine if you had to carry you. You would be exhausted after ten minutes. So do some inner smiles, breathe, and wash yourself with your Qi. It will assist in your total appreciation of yourself

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