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Self love is important every day

As we celebrate Valentine's Day for those we care about, let's not overlook, it is also Healthy Heart Awareness Month. It's wonderful that we acknowledge those that we love and celebrate how special they are within our lives. However, on the flip side of the coin, we have to be cautious of taking better care of others than ourselves. We must initiate taking care of ourselves, with Self- love, Self- Caring, and Self- Appreciation

In celebration of Healthy Heart Awarenesss Month and Valentine's day, We recognize that the heart is the epicenter of our well-being, spiritual and mental health. All things revolve with the proper functioning of the heart. In Chinese Medicine, the Heart is associated with the position of the Monarch and the House where the Shen/Mind resides.

The similar approach we show love for cars by having our mechanic perform routine checkups, maintenance, yearly inspections, and monthly car wash ; we must do the same for ourselves physically. Any health issues involving the heart should be monitored regularly. we acknowledge that stress is the gateway to various aliments which lowers our natural body self defenses, and has a great effect on the heart. Modalites that can assist with lowering your stress are Tai Chi, Yoga, and Massage. If economics restraints are a factor, meditation and weekly bubble baths with your favorite essential oil will also accomplish the trick. No matter what, remember to take time out for yourself, and implement, Self-Love, Self- Care, and Self- Appreciation.

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