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MindBodyShen Integrative Wellness- Ghana 2019 Health workshop

When growing up, I never imagined that I would travel the world, let alone Africa. What I thought would be only one time traveling to Africa has now turned into six times,Tanzania four times, Egypt, and most recently Ghana. I knew I enjoyed helping people, but never to this magnitude. Teaching wellness aboard has opened my eyes on how much we need healing and affordable quality healthcare. It is sad when I hear stories of people dying because they don’t have sufficient funds to purchase their medication. There are medical facilities abroad that won’t treat you, unless you pay first. They have forgotten the oath they took to heal first and then payment later. That why prevention is always better than the cure. Awareness and education are also the key. Taking care of yourself is not a part time job but a full time job. Teaching aboard has given me the chance to assist others in taking care of themselves. Knowledge is a burden. Don’t keep it to yourself but share it with others.

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