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Climbing the ladder

Just because you reached a black Sash or an Instructor level doesn’t mean that learning stops. Just because you know countless number of forms, doesn’t mean the quality should decline. The higher you climb; the more is expected of you. Hopefully, reaching a certain level, you start to appreciate things a little bit more clearly. Your movements become more fluid and your thought process keener. Take the analogy of the airplane ascending above the clouds, so it can travel smoothly. In the beginning of our training, doubt, inaccuracies, and emotional frustrations clouds our vision. As we climb the ladder, similar to the airplane analogy, we rise above the clouds and begin to work efficient, confident, and decrease our emotional blockages. Climbing the ladder is a necessary progress, but climbing to fast may be a detriment in your future growth process. Not climbing the ladder may stagnates those that may follow you as your junior. I would say; what is most important is climb the ladder, take your time, and quality is better verses quantity.

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