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Just Breathe

Have you ever noticed when someone gets upset, angry, yelling, or getting ready to fight, the person holding them back suggest that they calm down and breathe? We hear it all the time. We observe how it works but we never examine as to why it works, or the foundational principle behind it. Why breathing is so important besides the obvious reasons. We understand that without it and for a limited time, there is death or dire circumstances that will occur. However, one of the principles that can be understood from a five element perspective, rage, anger, and frustration has a correlation with the element of fire. We know that fire likes to rise, expand, flare and consume. In five element theory, to control and element we must use it opposition. So, to control fire, we use a water type element. The water elements lowers, cools, and condense. During the time of engagement, your anger along with your breathing is rapid and erratic. This is why concentrated and focused breathing is applied during confrontation. It is throughout this time your misplaced focus on your breathing is single-mindedness solely on what is irritating you . Once you return your attention back to your breathing, the level of frustration or anger begins to subside. and you breathing begins to normalize. As you begin to research, you observe there are different methods on how to breathe. you question yourself as to which one is best for me? The easiest answer to that question is the one in which you are relaxed, shoulders relaxed, not stressed, and one that doesn’t cause you dizziness because of improper inhalation and exhalation. Although they are many breathing method, the ones I tend to utilize are, Pursed lip breathing, Diaphragmatic breathing, Alternate nostril breathing, and the Six Healing Qigong sounds. Each one has great benefits and reduces stress. All of the above mentioned, use abdominal breathing. On inhalations, the abdominal expand and on exhalation the abdominal contracts. With pursed lips breathing method, the exhalation is with pursed lips and the exhalation is longer in count than the inhalation. So the next time you feel upset, stress, or angry, just breathe!!! Next article… Varies Breathing count methods, Diaphragmatic breathing, Alternate nostril breathing, and the Six Healing Qigong sounds.

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